SEO / Internet Marketing


ShaamaSoft Optimize Internet Marketing Services were created because we know successful implementation doesn’t stop with the deployment of our ShaamaSoft Solutions. Visibility, interaction and engagement with your Insurance customer, agents and partner community are a must in today’s business world. ShaamaSoft Optimize provides a complete suite of Internet Marketing Services to insure your company’s website and portal solution becomes the destination point with your target audience.


Overall content is king to attract your audience to your site and get better rankings with the major search engines. There are things that can be done to optimize your site, but the more Quality, Relevant Content you have related to the terms the user is searching for the improved your rank. New and changing content is important to stay relevant


Your business website structured correctly, using relevant keywords and phrases throughout the page elements increases the ranking a search engine will assign your site. Our SEO Marketing advisors provide a comprehensive SEO review of your site, from the visual elements to the items under the hood that can have a dramatic effect on your site rank and traffic. Our full ShaamaSoft SEO Site Evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of your web site’s structure and elements, as well as implementation of the recommendations made in the evaluation.


Social Media can be a catalyst to help companies reach their audience faster, more dynamically and with better precision then through traditional marketing mediums. It is more important than ever to build “relationships” with your policyholders and agents versus just isolated transactions. Social Media Marketing has a definite impact on prospective site visitors, almost 20% of visits to company sites are prompted by social media, whereas less than 1% come via direct links. ShaamaSoft creates and manages Social Media Marketing Campaigns that engage and raise the prominence with your target audience.