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Custom Software Development - SHAAMASOFT SOLUTIONS LTD

Custom Software Development


If you’re looking for a long-term reliable partner to realize new innovative ideas that will provide your business, employee and customers with additional value and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment, it is shaamasoft who delivers the result.From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development along the client's vision, ShaamaSoft is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements.

New Application Development<br /> Application Integration & Customization<br /> Legacy Application Migration & Enhancement<br /> Application Support & Continuous Improvement<br /> Project Rescue

Our application-development processes are all driven by the client, because we know that our products need to meet your specific needs. Our clients define the scope of our work, and the criteria by which success will be measured.<br /> We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions that help companies of all sizes maintain their competitive advantage and minimize costs.

Enterprise Application Development

We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions to streamline their business.

Cloud-Architecture Solutions

If you are planning to optimize your infrastructure expenditures or start weaving a new multi-tenant software business model, ShaamaSoft application development knowledge and expertise will facilitate your transition into the cloud – our software development team will help you implement solutions for more flexibility.

Mobile Website Development

Our developers know everything about fluid grids, flexible images and media queries as well as responsive design concepts. If you plan to embrace mobile interaction patterns and “mobile office” solutions, ShaamaSoft is here to help your company and to make your web property look appealing both to web and mobile users!