Bulk SMS

Group SMS

We allow you to send SMS to your large category of clientele or individuals in a group, at a click of a button on you Computer. Send Group SMS to promote, inform, educate, inspire your your groups; Radio Stations, Real Estate agencies, NGO’s, Hotels, Political Parties, Restaurants, Schools, Event Organizers, Church members, Club members, The Press, Employee etc. ShaamaSoft gives you the convenience and flexibility to set a group and add numbers to it just once and there after, just select the name of the group to send an SMS in seconds to all members of the group.

Bulk Personalised SMS

Our Bulk SMS provision enables highly effective advertising and marketing which generates high response rates and is affordable. SMS messaging is the most efficient and personal way to communicate today. Averagely It takes 2 seconds to deliver an sms, which is then read within the next 3 minutes by more than 90% of recipients.

There are nearly 5.2 billion mobile devices globally. It won’t be difficult for you to appreciate that using ShaamaSoft is immensely effective to your business and activities. ShaamaSoft Bulk SMS is solicited messaging to a group of mobile users. It’s most commonly used as a reliable alerting channel and for marketing purposes. It is available in many ways, it can be integrated into your existing platform, or you can just use one of the ready-made solutions.

Corporate SMS

ShaamaSoft’s Corporate SMS Service enables Companies to send and track personalized bulk SMS to their clients for marketing and branding. ShaamaSoft has deep specialization across various enterprise domains like Banking & Finance, Media, Travel & Hospitality, Health Care, Real Estate, Insurance & Stock brooking, Courier & Logistics, Online Portals, amongst others. The system comprises of a highly reliable, robust and salable platform. State of the art website and software is provided for sending SMS broadcasts, event based alerts, consumer messaging, traffic analysis and administration of the platform.